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Will For Green Mayor

With devolution, Greater Manchester has the opportunity to clearly address long standing issues faced by our region. A Green Mayor is the chance to ensure that the people and the environment of Greater Manchester benefit.

There is an opportunity with devolution to use the tools newly available to steer the region towards a jobs-led low carbon economy, addressing poverty and taking action on climate change. Putting in place real democratic structures will engage people from all over Greater Manchester and help make a success of these actions.


A Green Mayor for Greater Manchester will work for the common good
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Greater Manchester has over 600,000 people living in poverty, has some of the highest child poverty in the country and the associated health, crime and welfare issues; flooding and air pollution issues; over 80,000 people on council housing waiting lists and an increasing severe homelessness problem. Although Greater Manchester has some of the highest wealth in the country, it also has some of the highest deprivation.

A Green Mayor will put fairness at the heart of all our policies creating accessible jobs by supporting new, green and small businesses as part of a new Green Deal; building social homes with co-operatives and local companies not big developers; cleaning up our air; preserving, enhancing our green spaces; and reducing our waste and impact on climate change.


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