Green Party Forcibly Removed from Citizens UK Manchester Hustings

02 May 2017

Linda Freeman, Secretary of Tameside Green Party, was forcibly ejected from last night’s Greater Manchester mayoral hustings, organised by Citizens UK at Salford’s Lowry Centre.

Safer streets, stronger communities

17 April 2017

There are two pillars to an effective police service: support from decision makers, and trust in the wider community. Greater Manchester is a diverse, complex region, and its policing needs to reflect that - I want to see police officers freed from their desks to get out onto the streets, building trust with local residents and business owners.

Protecting our diversity

17 April 2017

With so many people from so many backgrounds making Greater Manchester a great place to live, it's crucial that the police protects the diversity we enjoy. That's why I'll build on the GMP’s progress on making the force as diverse as the population, and will push to identify underrepresented areas of the community with specific recruitment drives where needed.

A freer society is a safer society

17 April 2017

If politicians keep trying to change the balance between public security and civil liberties, we'll end up with neither. I'll work to defend the freedoms that we're at risk of taking for granted.

Working for a fairer Greater Manchester - incomes that pay the bills

14 April 2017

With inflation back on the up, household costs are rising again, and too many people already find themselves struggling to make ends meet. Even people with steady jobs are having to navigate their way through a harsh benefits system, or worse, turn to food banks for help. And even then, the food banks are having to provide cold boxes for families who can't afford the energy bills.

Manifesto Launch Party

09 April 2017

The Green Party will reveal their Mayoral manifesto on Monday 10th April; meet some of the people who feature in the mayoral videos and hear more substance on the manifesto from Will himself.

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