27 March 2017

It's clear that there is a massive need for more housing in Greater Manchester, in particular social and affordable housing. So the question is, will the Framework deliver?


Or, to put it another way, will big developers turn down the opportunity to build big ticket homes on expensive, desirable, former Green Belt land in scenic areas to offer affordable starter homes, or hand it over to housing associations and Councils to develop the social housing we need?


Of course not.


The Framework's obsession with releasing our Green Belt is driven at attracting the executive developments, the high-value housing that boosts Council Tax revenue but doesn't clear our housing waiting lists. Quite simply, it's elitism at its worst.


And the proposals to build more homes don't include plans to build more services for the people who'll live in them: the fully functional plan I'll demand from officials will include setting out areas for schools and healthcare. It will identify space for small retail businesses to serve the new communities being built. It will set out the public transport plan from day one rather than building the houses and hoping a bus company decides to offer a service.


Most improtantly, it will challenge our Councils' “Build first, ask questions later” approach to housing.

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