Safer streets, stronger communities

17 April 2017


There are two pillars to an effective police service: support from decision makers, and trust in the wider community. Greater Manchester is a diverse, complex region, and its policing needs to reflect that - I want to see police officers freed from their desks to get out onto the streets, building trust with local residents and business owners. 

That's why I'll challenge government to reverse its funding cuts to police and fire services. It's also why I'll set new priorities for the police to work with local communities, protecting civil liberties and ensuring fair treatment for everyone.



I'll look again at how we deploy the police, with a major emphasis on neighbourhood and community policing. 

I'll start a new recruitment drive for Community Support Officers in each local community, to make teams more representative of the population they serve, increasing trust levels. 

And I'll push for more officers to get out of their cars, with more foot and bike patrols to make policing more visible and approachable.


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