Save Our Green Belt!

27 March 2017

Rewriting Greater Manchester's Spatial Framework

Housing Plan Step Five - Changing Attitudes to Housing

19 March 2017

Margaret Thatcher's Right to Buy policy has proven catastrophic for our communities, and not just because it cut off the supply of Council-owned social housing. Worse still, it created a stigma against renters: an idea that because you don't own your own home, you're less of a successful member of society than your neighbour.

Housing Plan Step Four - Buidling the right homes in the right places

19 March 2017

Housing and planning policy in Greater Manchester has lost its way; we see our local Councils wave and cheer for luxury high-rise developments and expensive executive housing on the Green Belt.

Housing Plan Step Three - Defending Renters' Rights

19 March 2017

If I'm elected will be to set up a Greater Manchester Renters' Union, supported by the Combined Authority but designed to provide an independent voice.

Housing Plan Step Two - Targeted help to those who need it

19 March 2017

I'll work with Women's Aid networks across Greater Manchester to protect provision of refuges from women and families escaping domestic violence.

Housing Plan Step One – A Roof Over Every Head

19 March 2017

Local Councils are unwilling to take this matter seriously, and are performing their rough sleeper headcounts at absurd times such as 2 o'clock in the afternoon, time to change this.

A People's Housing Plan

19 March 2017

A walk around Manchester City Centre will tell you just how bad Greater Manchester's housing crisis is.

The Green Pound – bringing economy and ecology together

13 March 2017

I believe that business has a lot to gain from efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

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