Preventing demand – a healthier society

01 March 2017

All the support for health and social care will come to nothing if we don't do more to tackle the region's poor health record. And the need to act is clear,

Meeting the Social Care challenge – working together to find answers

01 March 2017

It's not just the NHS that's underfunded – our social care system is overstretched, leaving people without the care options they need.

Defending our NHS

01 March 2017

Like many people across Greater Manchester, I've received life-saving treatment on the National Health Service, and that's why I'm passionate about defending the founding principles of the NHS.

Fighting for a healthier Greater Manchester – and a healthier NHS

01 March 2017

Allowing decisions about our health services to be taken here in Greater Manchester should be a great opportunity to seriously tackle the challenges we face.

Energy for a Green Economy

19 February 2017

It's time for a sustainable economy in Greater Manchester, one which provides an alternative to fracking and other fossil fuels, and promotes renewable energy, and energy efficiency instead.

Send fracking packing – setting out Greater Manchester's Green Energy revolution

19 February 2017

With large areas of Greater Manchester licenced by the UK Government for fracking operations, people across the city region are alarmed at the impact this dangerous dash for gas could have on their community.

Jenny Jones, Mark Chivers and Molly Scott Cato

New Green Party Mayoral Candidate Announced

07 December 2013

Yes I Will

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